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I’m always happy to have an alternative point of view on Blogsession and to post content written by other writers in the form of guest posts or columns. But I’m picky, pedantic, a grammar snob and am just generally a bit of an as*hole when it comes to content.

So here’s a few yays and nays for anyone interested in guest posting here.


  • Unique and original content. Yes, ‘original.’ That means not just the same old stuff we can read anywhere else but reworded slightly. Let’s have something a little more imaginative.
  • Relevant content. This blog doesn’t have a really tight and strict theme in general, but read the type of stuff on here. It’s generally related to social media, digital marketing, the web in general and mobile. So I don’t want to run your post about personal finance or scuzzy payday loans. Keep at least loosely in theme. Pretty please?
  • Good spelling and grammar. Yes, I’m a snob. I won’t stone you down dead for a typo. But at least proofread. Please?
  • Personable and relaxed in tone. Again, read the blog. The content isn’t really all that ‘formal.’ A bit of personality goes a long way


  • Rubbish spelling and an article littered with grammar mistakes. Don’t even bother.
  • Irrelevant content. No chance.
  • Content ripped from someone else’s website. Yes, I check!

Writing Here

Taking the above into account, if you still want to write a feature here (and haven’t already closed this page muttering something about how much of a pedantic, snotty b**ch I am) then get in touch. In the first instance, send me your ideas (and not the full post) and we’ll talk some more.

You can get in touch via the contact form here.

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