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TV Advertising Blog

I don’t work in TV advertising. And I’m no TV ad professional. But, two things make me feel somewhat qualified to blog about it:

  • I work in a field of marketing, which makes me constantly curious about other channels that I know less about (including TV). I’m also insanely envious of the investment TV advertising gets so I like to nosey at what that investment produces
  • I watch a lot of Coronation Street. Those Corrie TV ad slots are prime space… so I see a lot of really good (and really expensive and bad) TV ads

So this blog comes from that. You’ll find a lot of Christmas ad talk here. Yes, I’m a sucker for the John Lewis ad every single year.

mog the cat sainsburys christmas ad 2015

WTF is that Sainsbury’s Christmas Ad all about?

Cats are bastards. Evil, demonic beings. I’ve believed it for some time and have made no secret of it. But I was not expecting my fears to be confirmed in TV advertising aired over the festive season. But in the tale…

aldi and lidl tv ad campaigns

Lidl and Aldi’s “luxury” head to head advertising

Nielsen recently found that £1 in £10 spend in supermarkets in the UK is spent at Aldi or Lidl and it’s not just the bargain hunters or low income shoppers spending their money there either. Apparently, one in three Aldi…

sainsbury's christmas ad 2014

Sainsbury’s Christmas 2014 Ad is Moving, Poignant and this Year’s Best.

This Christmas marks 100 years since the World War 1 1914 Christmas truce. I remember learning about the Christmas truce when I was at school. And even then I was moved very much by the story and these WW1 soldiers’ determination…

John Lewis 2014 Christmas Ad Monty the Penguin

Monty the Penguin – The John Lewis 2014 Christmas Ad

John Lewis have done it again. They’ve created another Christmas ad that appears to be quickly gaining traction and has already won the hearts of plenty. Here’s the ad. It’s a story of Monty the Penguin, a boy’s best friend…

snowman irn bru christmas

I’m a Shameless Sucker for Brand Christmas TV Ads

I LOVE Christmas TV ads. I don’t mind that the Santa we know today was shaped, in part, by Coca Cola. Yes, I get that Coca Cola is a big brand rotting people’s teeth and cashing in on Chrimbo, but…

dove real beauty sketches

Dove Real Beauty Sketches – What it Did for Dove

Unless you’ve been locked in the cupboard under the stairs without access to the Internet (which might be your thing, that’s fine) you’ve probably seen the Real Beauty Sketches video released by Dove. Regardless of whether you’ve seen it or…

a1 steak sauce facebook commercial

A1 Steak Sauce Ad – Friend Requests

I first came across this ad on Twitter in early June. And then Phil Nottingham referenced it in his Mozcon presentation last week, which sent me back looking for it once more. Check it out: This might be the best…

three mobile holiday spam

Three Mobile’s #holidayspam Campaign

I’m really enjoying some of Three Mobile’s advertising at the moment. In particular, I like the #holidayspam campaign they’re running to promote the fact that they’ve ditched roaming charges in a number of countries with their Feel at Home Scheme….

Jaffa cakes tv ad 2014 sweeet

That Jaffa Cakes #Sweeet Ad Makes Me ‘Awww’ Out Loud

It’s been a week or two (or maybe even three) since I’ve seen the Cadbury’s TV ad broadcast. But my craving for a feel good TV ad has been satisfied by McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes. The new Jaffa Cakes TV ad…

Cadbury tv ad yes sir i can boogie

It’s No Drumming Gorilla, but I do Love that New Cadbury Ad…

I found myself singing Baccara’s, ‘Yes Sir, I Can Boogie,’ in the shower this morning. I put this down to one of two things. I’m either having flashbacks to my childhood and images of my Mother dancing around the living…

ASA 1&1 internet

The ASA Takes Action Against 1&1 Internet

I’ve made my feelings about 1&1 Internet very clear in the past. In my opinion, the company uses some misleading advertising tactics. I complained to the ASA about 1&1’s “SEO tools” ad. I wasn’t the only one either. Another complainant approached…

christmas 2013 tv ads

Christmas 2013 Ads – My Favourites of the Festive Season

I’m a sucker for Christmas TV ads. I don’t even care that their overpriced production is designed to get people talking and buying. I love them. And here’s my favourite TV ads of Christmas 2013. 1. The Lidl Christmas 2013…

google india reunion tv ad

Google India’s New Ad is a Masterpiece in Storytelling

Google is great at telling stories with its video format ads. Just great. And the latest advertisement by Google India is my personal favourite so far. Incredible. Just watch it! (Turn on caption to get the English subtitles). Also recommended:…

Lidl Christmas TV ad Christmas 2013

I Have a Confession: I LOVE that Lidl Christmas TV Ad.

The test of a good Christmas TV ad for me is, quite simply, whether it leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. John Lewis have given me the fuzzies the past couple of years very successfully… to the point…

1&1 your business

Why “1&1ing” Your Website is a Terrible, Terrible, Terrible Idea

This TV ad makes me scream angrily at the television every single time I see it. It makes me angrier than the Go Compare ads from last year. It’s more annoying than this lot. And it’s not because there’s an…