digital marketing tools

Digital Marketing Tools

I use scores of tools in my daily work and here I write about the great marketing tools I come across. I blog about free and paid for tools to assist with:

  • Managing workload
  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Content production
  • Social media

If you’ve got a new tool you’d like to see featured here or you’d like to recommend something I should try, give me a shout over on Twitter.

21 free design tools

21 Free Design Tools and Resources for Non-Designers

Sometimes, you can just say it better in pictures. And we all know visual content has benefits far beyond just looking pretty. Social metrics tends to improve with visuals and content becomes easier to consume. That’s great if you’re a…

Hotjar Insights Review

Hotjar Insights – Bloomin’ Brilliant

Let me start by saying I’m not involved with Hotjar. I’m not on their team, not in an Affiliate scheme and I’ve not been bribed to write this. I’ve not been blackmailed or threatened either. Nobody has promised me a…

Google Brand Impressions Tool

Google Brand Impressions Tool – Love This

Google has so many random little tools and every couple of weeks I spend some time messing around with one or two of them (I do have a life as well, I promise). This weekend I’ve been messing around with…


RealtimeBoard: Collaborative Digital Whiteboard Tool

I’ve spent a couple of hours messing around with a tool I came across tonight. Apparently that’s how I spend my Sunday evenings. #rockandroll. But anyway, I’m keen enough to share it… It’s called RealtimeBoard and I came across it…