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I’m a Manchester Based SEO

It gets referred to by so many different names these days. Some SEO agencies have rebranded as content marketing agencies. Others refer to SEO as “organic performance.” Whatever you call it, to me it’s still very much SEO, albeit that the tactics have changed.

I love SEO. I still do it for a living and I still blog about right here (though I hold my hands up – I’m guilty of frequent blog neglect)!

I Still Blog About SEO

Long gone are the glory days of huge budgets blown on anchor text links for quick, competitive SEO wins. A few algorithm updates later and the SEO landscape is a completely different one to the one I entered in 2009.

But honestly, the newer overlap with content marketing and PR is right up my street. I’m an SEO at heart but a copywriter by background, so the evolution of SEO in recent years has been something I’ve both enjoyed and been challenged by.

Do you have something to say about SEO? Give me a shout on Twitter if you’d like to write here.

google webmaster quality guidelines october 2012

Google Updates Webmaster Quality Guidelines

Google took to its blog this evening to announce updates to the holy bible its Webmaster Quality Guidelines. The G team were keen to emphasise that the core point remains as it always has – to focus on the user….

matt cutts exact match domain algorithm update google september 2012

Google Gives Dodgy Exact Match Domains a Slap

As is oh-so-typical (courtesy of timezones) Google issued a potentially important update while I was out last night in a bar! Because I am completely sad and pathetic, this of course meant that my evening was paused for 5 minutes…

reasons I would reject a guest post

6 Reasons I Would Knock Back a Guest Post

I love guest blogging and actively post on others’ blogs frequently. I’m also consistently open to hosting other people’s guest posts on this site and other sites I am involved with. But that’s not to say I accept every post…

Stuff that Only SEOs Find Funny...

Stuff that Only SEOs Find Funny…

Although the SEO community feels huge sometimes, we’re actually just a small corner of the world. And never is that more apparent than when something funny comes up in SEO-Land and I try to share it with my non-SEO friends. It turns…

I love my job

5 Reasons Some Businesses HATE SEOs

I work in the SEO industry for an awesome agency that prides itself on results. No, this isn’t a pitch. Bear with me. My point is that I’m proud to work for Tecmark. I tell my friends and my family…