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It gets referred to by so many different names these days. Some SEO agencies have rebranded as content marketing agencies. Others refer to SEO as “organic performance.” Whatever you call it, to me it’s still very much SEO, albeit that the tactics have changed.

I love SEO. I still do it for a living and I still blog about right here (though I hold my hands up – I’m guilty of frequent blog neglect)!

I Still Blog About SEO

Long gone are the glory days of huge budgets blown on anchor text links for quick, competitive SEO wins. A few algorithm updates later and the SEO landscape is a completely different one to the one I entered in 2009.

But honestly, the newer overlap with content marketing and PR is right up my street. I’m an SEO at heart but a copywriter by background, so the evolution of SEO in recent years has been something I’ve both enjoyed and been challenged by.

Do you have something to say about SEO? Give me a shout on Twitter if you’d like to write here.

link building google trends

Google Trends: ‘Link Building’ in Decline.

I spend Sunday nights on watching X Factor and messing around on Google Trends. Try not to be too envious of my rock n roll lifestyle, folks. Anyway, tonight I took at look at global trends for four phrases since…

stages of grief - denial

The 5 Stages of Grieving for your Keyword Data Following the Arrival of 100% (Not Provided)

It’s official. Google is now moving towards encrypting all searches, meaning you’ll shortly see all Google organic keywords as (not provided) in your Google Analytics account. Cheers for that, Big G. Very useful. Grieving the loss of your keyword data?…

ahmed khalifa in house seo at schuh

Quick Catch Up with Ahmed Khalifa – In House SEO at Schuh

I’ve always worked agency side in SEO and imagine that working client side would be a completely different experience. So I’m always keen to talk to people about their experiences in house. I met Ahmed Khalifa at SMX London back…

brighton SEO 2013 stacey cavanagh

Low Cost Link Building with Data – My Brighton SEO 2013 Slides

Last week, I had the good fortune to speak at Brighton SEO and to attend sessions held by other speakers. My session was on using data to drive compelling, link worthy content. The slides are now available on Slideshare and…

cyfe review

Tool Review: Cyfe – So Much More than a Reporting Dashboard

I recommended Cyfe in my session at SMX London back in May 2013 and with good reason. If you’ve not yet checked this tool out, let me tell you a bit more about it. What is Cyfe? Cyfe touts itself…

question mark

21 Questions to Ask SEO Prospects (Before you Even Think About Selling them Anything)

Stop asking… “What are your keywords?” Whenever I hear SEOs or sales people ask prospective clients that question, it makes me shudder a little. It’s not the client’s job to know what their keywords are. It’s our job, as the…

beginners guide to SEO

11 Ways to Learn SEO Without Spending a Fortune

“How do I learn enough SEO to maybe just do a bit of work on my own website and demonstrate enough knowledge to increase my chances of bagging a junior role?” During our recent round of recruitment at Tecmark, we…

SEO tools SMX London

SEO Tools to Solve Migraine Inducing SEO Problems – SMX London

I had a great time at SMX London last week. We met some great people, enjoyed some awesome talks and I took part in a panel on SEO tools. Here’s the deck and a summary. As a non-coder and someone…

'Made to Stick' by Chip and Dan Heath

5 Books that will Make Your Content Better

SEO is evolving. We all know this. It’s becoming more and more reliant upon traditional marketing values. And at the centre of all this: content. Big, fat, awesome, amazing, brilliant, useful, imaginative, thought provoking content that offers some value to…

enthusiasm quote

Why I LOVE Working with People New to SEO

When I first started working agency side in SEO, I was over the moon with how much I was learning. I was working at Tecmark in a team led by one of the best SEO brains I’ve ever had the…


SMX London – Discount Code and General Excitement!

SMX London is just around the corner! It will take place on May 15th and 16th at the same London venue as last year – Stamford Bridge Football Club. This was my favourite conference of last year. As an attendee,…

stop making excuses

SEOs – Stop Making Excuses

In SEO, when things go wrong, we have the job of diagnosing why. And even if whatever went wrong was genuinely out of your control, your response to it is NOT. We’re all guilty of making excuses when things don’t…

Google webmaster tools disavow links

At Last – Google Launches Disavow Links Tool

And on the 7th day, the almighty Google bestowed upon an impatient SEO community a disavow links tool. Hallelujah! Yep, that’s right! A long last Matt Cutts announced the launch of a disavow links tool while giving a talk at…

Easy Outreach SEO Wins

Easy Outreach SEO Wins

SEO is hard work; outreach SEO can be even harder. Google has changed the rules of SEO so many times in the last couple of years that you have to be able to adapt quickly to new SEO processes. Outreach SEO…

link bait resources

30 Link Bait Resources You Need in Your Life

I’m not going to write another ‘link bait ideas’ post cos there are already a host of them out there and I’ve written about link bait ideas and outreach over on SEOMoz already. But what I am going to do…