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It gets referred to by so many different names these days. Some SEO agencies have rebranded as content marketing agencies. Others refer to SEO as “organic performance.” Whatever you call it, to me it’s still very much SEO, albeit that the tactics have changed.

I love SEO. I still do it for a living and I still blog about right here (though I hold my hands up – I’m guilty of frequent blog neglect)!

I Still Blog About SEO

Long gone are the glory days of huge budgets blown on anchor text links for quick, competitive SEO wins. A few algorithm updates later and the SEO landscape is a completely different one to the one I entered in 2009.

But honestly, the newer overlap with content marketing and PR is right up my street. I’m an SEO at heart but a copywriter by background, so the evolution of SEO in recent years has been something I’ve both enjoyed and been challenged by.

Do you have something to say about SEO? Give me a shout on Twitter if you’d like to write here.

how not to approach bloggers

SEO and PR Agencies: How NOT to Approach Bloggers

Working with bloggers and social influencers is a big part of both SEO and PR in the current landscape. But as with anything, there are good and bad ways to go about it. At the spammy end of the scale,…

how to do image link building

Image Link Building Guide – From Start to Finish

I love image link building as a tactic for acquiring great quality natural inbound links. Ultimately, the whole thing is about creating images for people to use on their websites, distributing them under Creative Commons licensing and then claiming inbound…

i love seo

Let’s Not Forget that We’re SEOs

I love SEO. And I’m not just talking digital-PR-content-marketing-crazy-ideas-driven-coverage-centric-brand-awareness-ey SEO. I love all that stuff too – all the creative ways in which we, as SEOs, now have to work. I love that we have to behave more like marketers…

seo for travel agents and tour operators

5 Reasons I Love Doing SEO for Travel Companies

At Tecmark, we’re fortunate enough to work with some brilliant travel agents and have some well profiled SEO and content case studies from this arena. Travel SEO is one of my absolute favourite areas to work in. And here’s why:…

low cost link building

3 Link Building Tactics That Can Work on Low Budgets

Once Upon a Time, there was a magical world called StaceyLand. And in StaceyLand, all SEO campaigns that Stacey and her team were asked to run had 3 things in common: They all had a bottomless pit of money to…

what sort of images should I release?

Image Link Building – What Sort of Images Should I Release?

Yes, I’m waffling about image link building again. But I got an email yesterday from someone asking me how I decide what albums to produce. In other words, what should the pictures you release actually be of? This stuff matters….

tracking use of your images online

Tracking the Use of Your Images Online

I’ve spoken and written a fair old amount on the acquisition of citations and links through distributing images under a Creative Commons License. I wrote about the process we follow on the Meld and spoke about it at BrightonSEO and SearchLove…

mozcon 2014

Mozcon 2014 – Speaking in Seattle

I’m somewhat excited today (I’ve been punching the air and everything) as I’ve been invited to speak at Mozcon 2014! Needless to say, I’ll definitely be doing so and am thrilled to be going to such a great conference in…

Keeping it Real: I Can't Read The Same SEO Content Over and Over Again

Keeping it Real: I Can’t Read The Same SEO Content Over and Over Again

Alright, let’s cut it out. I’m beginning to see a pattern. The same SEO content done over and over again. It’s being force fed into my face, and it’s missing my mouth, because its already cheek-to-cheek full of the same…

can i have a link

I link where it’s relevant…

I have no problem linking out to people. Really, I don’t… If I quote a piece of research here or reference something someone said, I will generally link out to that piece of research or to the social profiles or…

Misinterpreting Matt Cutts – All Guest Blogging is Not Dead.

Misinterpreting Matt Cutts – All Guest Blogging is Not Dead.

Urgh. I knew as soon as Matt Cutts launched that blog post (the decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO) that the floodgates would open and there would follow a shit storm of other blog posts declaring that guest…

mission possible seo and UX

Mission Impossible? Designing an Appealing Site That’s Search Friendly

Your mission… should you choose to accept it, of course, is to design a new website that’s not only beautiful to look at but highly functioning and search engine-friendly. These seeming opposed objectives sparked off a debate on a HubSpot…

matt cutts on facebook and twitter signals

Matt Cutts, Twitter, Facebook and their Effect on Rankings

Matt Cutts is on fire this week, sending SEOs into a frenzy over guest posts and now reiterating in a Webmaster Video that Google doesn’t use Facebook or Twitter signals to rank pages. So just close those Facebook and Twitter…

if i didnt work in seo

If I Didn’t Work in SEO….

I love my job (most days). SEO (or ‘inbound marketing’ or ‘organic performance marketing’ or whatever else people call it these days) is a ridiculously fast moving area to work in. That’s part of the appeal for me. That and…

guest blogging - up your game

Guest Blogging – Up Your Game

It’s no wonder that Google added mass, low quality guest blogging to its Webmaster Tools link schemes. ‘Guest blogging’ has been abused, by some, and turned into a technique that represents low quality, high quantity and quick win link building….