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This is my content marketing blog, where I post guides. how tos, tool round ups and examples of some of the best content marketing I’ve seen in the wild.

Content marketing is the buzzword of the moment but is nothing new. From the Jell-o recipe books and the Michelin guides of the early 1900s, to the multi million pound digital interactive content campaigns brands are investing in today, this is where I talk about all things content.

As someone with a background in copywriting and a career in SEO, content marketing’s application in search channels in particular is incredibly interesting to me. And in my day job, I use content to hit my client’s marketing goals daily. So here I’ll pen my thoughts on content marketing in the UK and globally, as well as share how to posts, guides, lessons from the day job, examples and tools.

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apple siri logo 2012

[Infographic] Global Siri Usage Statistics

I came across this awesome infographic by besirious.comĀ earlier on, which covers off some key global Siri usage statistics (based on data from iPhone 4S users). Based on the (granted, some difficult to read) info at the bottom, it seems ‘regular… free data visualisation infographic tool

Playing with – Who Are You?

I’m obsessed with data visualisation and, in amongst all the crap and spammy infographics out there on the web at the moment, there are some real gems. I’m a particular fan of interactive infographics, but being neither a coder nor…