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This is my content marketing blog, where I post guides. how tos, tool round ups and examples of some of the best content marketing I’ve seen in the wild.

Content marketing is the buzzword of the moment but is nothing new. From the Jell-o recipe books and the Michelin guides of the early 1900s, to the multi million pound digital interactive content campaigns brands are investing in today, this is where I talk about all things content.

As someone with a background in copywriting and a career in SEO, content marketing’s application in search channels in particular is incredibly interesting to me. And in my day job, I use content to hit my client’s marketing goals daily. So here I’ll pen my thoughts on content marketing in the UK and globally, as well as share how to posts, guides, lessons from the day job, examples and tools.

And if you have something to say and would like write a guest post or feature about content marketing, give me a shout over on Twitter.

content marketing definition

Defining Content Marketing – Not as Simple as it Should Be

I caught up with a friend from outside the industry last week and the conversation turned to what we’re each doing in our careers at the moment. It ended up something like this: “Define content marketing?” “What?” “Well, what is…

content marketing examples in travel

Travel Companies Doing Great Content Marketing

I talk a lot about how much I love working on content and SEO for travel companies. It’s a competitive, rewarding area to work in and the target customer loves to talk about their travels. That’s partly why it’s such a great area…

b2b content marketing examples 2016

B2B Content Marketing Examples I Love

Content marketing is often talked about online in the context of big consumer brands like Red Bull and GoPro. But let’s face it – when your content strategy involves throwing a man out of space with a parachute, it’s easy…

click bait killed grandma

Click bait headlines killed this Grandma and you’ll never believe what happens next

You clicked it. And now you probably feel a bit dirty. Because nobody’s Grandma is actually dead (at least not as the result of a click bait headline) and, for a moment, you felt disappointed, you sicko. And that’s what…

Virgin Parental Leave Policy

How a Virgin Management Company Announcement Became Content Gold Dust

Almost 100 pieces of positive coverage. Links from almost 100 different domains, including some incredibly well read websites (Mashable, CIPD, AOL etc etc). Thousands of social shares. I’m not talking about a big interactive piece of content, a visual masterpiece…

7 audience insights tools for content marketing

7 Tools to Help you to Identify and Understand Your Content Audience

I showed my Nan South Park once. South Park, in my book, constitutes brilliant TV. It’s hilarious, smart and keeps me entertained for hours. It’s been running for close to 20 years now and has won umpteen awards. So I’m not the only person…

y u no buy my stuff

Your content’s audience might never buy a single thing from you – and that’s ok.

One of the biggest reasons, in my view, that there is so much utterly crap content out there is a failure on the part of the people producing it to: Set meaningful and measurable objectives Truly spend time understanding the…

stories headlines

What’s Your Story? Turning Survey Data into Stories People Care About

I’m a huge advocate of surveys as the basis for content projects where objectives include link acquisition, brand mentions, exposure and social media interaction. I love surveys. From the silly (like that time I asked 1,000 Americans to name a…

Content Marketing from 1904 - The Jell-o Way

Content Marketing from 1904 – The Jell-o Way

“Content marketing,” is being talked about in what seems like every corner of the planet at the moment. The Google Trends Graph identifies a surge in searches for the phrase recently too. But content marketing is nothing new. It’s older…

Then an now interactive

5 Trending Interactives That Will Make You Drool for More

I’m a huge fan of interactives. Seriously, I love them. How can you not? Interactives are packed with data, stunning visuals, and resourceful information you can apply in your daily life. Now, don’t get me wrong, not all interactives are…

ideas culling

NUF Testing to Narrow Down a Long List of Ideas

It was an absolute privilege to speak at Brighton SEO last week. It’s always such a fantastic conference and Kelvin Newman and the rest of the team at Rough Agenda work tirelessly to put on a diverse group of speakers and arrange…

dangerous idea quote

108 Ideas in 30 Minutes – The 6-3-5 Method of Brainwriting

Ideas generation. That’s one of the toughest challenges we face in content marketing. If you have a ton of different clients in a host of different niches, you are effectively in need of a seemingly endless stream of creative ideas…

Where to share your infographic

6 Places to Share Your Infographic

If you’ve invested time and resources into creating an infographic, you’ve probably already got a decent outreach plan in place specific to the topic matter. But it never does any harm to revisit a few non-topic specific options as well…

my blog guest

The Growth of My Blog Guest – A Good News Guest Posting Story

I’ve made no secret of that fact that I’m a guest blogging fan. When I say ‘guest blogging’ I mean real guest blogging (not crappy spun article distribution being dressed up as guest blogging). One of the biggest influences on the growth…

.sx domains

[Infographic] Let’s Talk About .SX!

Let’s talk about .sx! Well, .sx domains, anyway. If you’ve managed to miss the recent launch of the .sx domain names, then you’ve been locked in a cupboard for a while or you just have more of a life than…