happy new year 2015


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope you all managed a bit of a break over the festive season and are now back to the day jobs refreshed and full of optimism for the 12 months ahead. It’s weird, the first day…

europeans who have never used the Internet

18% of Europeans have NEVER Used the Internet. Yes, Really!

My Nan did her Christmas shopping on her iPad this year without guidance. It’s another step forward. Last year she did it online with the help of family on a laptop and has since gone touchscreen with an iPad mini…

sainsbury's christmas ad 2014

Sainsbury’s Christmas 2014 Ad is Moving, Poignant and this Year’s Best.

This Christmas marks 100 years since the World War 1 1914 Christmas truce. I remember learning about the Christmas truce when I was at school. And even then I was moved very much by the story and these WW1 soldiers’ determination…

stories headlines

What’s Your Story? Turning Survey Data into Stories People Care About

I’m a huge advocate of surveys as the basis for content projects where objectives include link acquisition, brand mentions, exposure and social media interaction. I love surveys. From the silly (like that time I asked 1,000 Americans to name a…

John Lewis 2014 Christmas Ad Monty the Penguin

Monty the Penguin – The John Lewis 2014 Christmas Ad

John Lewis have done it again. They’ve created another Christmas ad that appears to be quickly gaining traction and has already won the hearts of plenty. Here’s the ad. It’s a story of Monty the Penguin, a boy’s best friend…

snowman irn bru christmas

I’m a Shameless Sucker for Brand Christmas TV Ads

I LOVE Christmas TV ads. I don’t mind that the Santa we know today was shaped, in part, by Coca Cola. Yes, I get that Coca Cola is a big brand rotting people’s teeth and cashing in on Chrimbo, but…

Facebook Ad Fail: Hey, I'm Not a Grandma!

Facebook Ad Fail: Hey, I’m Not a Grandma!

I know it’s sad (and that I really ought to get a life) but I do spend a lot of time looking at how I am targeted with Facebook ads – both on my own account and on dummy accounts…

Hotjar Insights Review

Hotjar Insights – Bloomin’ Brilliant

Let me start by saying I’m not involved with Hotjar. I’m not on their team, not in an Affiliate scheme and I’ve not been bribed to write this. I’ve not been blackmailed or threatened either. Nobody has promised me a…

Helping Auntie Angela to Navigate the Complex World of Facebook

Helping Auntie Angela to Navigate the Complex World of Facebook

A few years ago, I introduced my Auntie Angela to Facebook. It was, apparently, a revelation. It meant she could basically find out exactly who was having an affair with who, who was pregnant, who was getting divorced and who…

5 birthday cake

5 Years at Tecmark

Today marks 5 years since I walked through the doors at Tecmark, sat down and started getting my head around this digital marketing lark properly. Some days, I feel as though I’m still getting my head around it, to be honest….