What’s it all About?

Blogsession is a sounding board, thought space, brain dump or whatever else you want to call it in on everything digital (and some things not), about working in SEO in Manchester, content marketing and having an irrational hatred of that singing bloke from the Go Compare ads.

The Blogger

Well that would be me…. Stacey MacNaught (was Cavanagh).

I spend most of my free time with these little guys…

my sons

My sons, Oliver and Ethan, are certainly a handful. I don’t write much about them here. But if you are remotely interested, I write about them at One Small Human, a more personal blog. But I promise I will not be even slightly offended if you have zero interest in me being a baby bore 😉

I Work in SEO in Manchester

I work as Search Director for Tecmark, an awesome Digital Marketing Agency with offices in Manchester and London. I work in Manchester, where I have a talented search team made up of all sorts of brilliant people.

view from Tecmark's Manchester SEO office

My view from Tecmark’s office.

I must stress, though, that the opinions expressed on this blog are my own and are in no way opinions expressed on behalf of my employer. That’s a polite way of saying that when I’m swearing/ranting/complaining about something, it doesn’t mean my employers feel the same way.

We do SEO and content marketing for companies in a huge number of sectors. We’ve been creating great, newsworthy content to build links since 2010!

I Love Content Marketing

One of the biggest considerations in SEO is a solid content marketing led plan. I LOVE content marketing and some of awesome creativity that comes out of the digital industries. Whether it’s videos, interactives or just a side splittingly funny blog post, I’m great content’s number 1 fan.

Sometimes, they let me speak at SEO Conferences

Always happy to voice an opinion (just ask my other half!), I’ve been fortunate enough to speak at some really awesome SEO conferences.

I Really Love my iPhone

I’m an Apple fangirl (that’s ok, you can call me names if you want!). I’m not even ashamed of it, to be honest. I buy the new phone on launch date. I have an iPad. I have an Apple TV and use a MacBook pro. Call me a Mactard if you like. I’m absolutely ok with it 😉

I Rather Like Simon Cowell

I’m not ashamed of this either (although I readily accept  that I probably should be). I have a not-so-secret Mr Nasty obsession and will watch pretty much anything on TV that he’s in.

Other Stuff I Like

I like fruity ciders, cocktails, jalapeño peppers, watching scary films, Coronation Street, Twitter, football, Manchester United, #hashtagging, walking and cycling. I like to blog.


Feedback, criticism, happy thoughts, insults, jokes, random facts or whatever else all welcome. Either email me on the email address below or get in touch via the contact form.

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