brexit blues

The Brexit Blues and Moving Forwards

I thought Remain would edge it. I did. And I desperately wanted it to.

The EU isn’t perfect. But I’ve always valued being a part of union that enables its members to travel, study and work freely anywhere within it. I’ve always valued the workers’ rights the EU brought about, the quality standards of the products I buy and the economic benefits of a single trade market.

I didn’t believe I would be dragged out of the EU in my lifetime.

But here we are.

I was particularly devastated with how sorely lacking in facts the Leave (and, to a lesser degree, the Remain) campaigns were.

This is the first time I’ve ever felt this deflated about politics in the UK. As we watch the Pound fall (as we knew it would) and we look for a plan that isn’t there yet, I can’t help but wish it were different.

Moving Forwards

But the decision is made. 52% of voters want to leave the EU and whatever their reasons for doing so, that’s the decision.

The how, the when, the what-the-f**k this actually means is still very much up in the air.

But the decision is made.

And what we now need to try and do is move forwards, negotiate the best exit deal we can and overcome the anger and disappointment felt by the 48%.

I have friends who voted leave – not for racist or xenophobic reasons. For all sorts of reasons. And while I cannot agree with their views, I just have to accept them and move on.

Here’s hoping that once the volatility settles, the outcome is as positive as it can be.