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5 Apps to Increase Your Productivity at Work

There are thousands of apps out there offering to increase productivity and save time doing daily tasks. But how many are actually good and really work? As a digital agency, we often have to work to tight deadlines, manage multiple projects at the same time and also communicate with our employees to make sure everything runs smoothly. We’ve tried and tested quite a few productivity apps, but these are the ones that have really stuck with us and proved useful.


We use Slack on a daily basis whether it’s to discuss certain projects or communicate with each other. We’ve created channels for specific activities, such as ongoing client work or particular topics. All employees are welcome to join. We also have channels for sharing various videos, jokes or comments which adds some social element to our everyday activities. Mainly, Slack takes away a lot of ‘spam’ from email and frees up your inbox for more important things.


Skype isn’t the newest technology, but it’s very effective for client calls or even interviews. We often use it for updates and informal discussions. We also appreciate that not all potential candidates are available to come to our office for a first interview and we gladly speak to them remotely to accommodate that (although we do want to meet in person if they succeed and get to the next round!).


You may have noticed there’s a pattern – we like to use our communication apps! Sometimes, the person you need to speak to isn’t at their desk or in the office, but we know that they can be reached on their phone. We use WhatsApp to communicate with each other for business. Even writing a simple text message to confirm something saves us time sending an email and waiting for them to return to the office to respond.


Evernote has been a great asset! We use it to take notes in meetings, clip articles, collect references, write down ideas and then share them all with each other. We love its versatility and how easily we can find the relevant content within the app.


Trello is a great app that helps us track projects and their progress. We use boards for ongoing tasks and move them around depending on their status. We also use it as a brain dump to store various ideas we might pursue in the future. Trello can be used for project management, marketing, business development, operations activities and more, so it suits different departments and roles. The best thing about it is that users can create their own methods of using it.

About the Author

richard wagstaff

We invited Richard Wagstaff, Operations Director at Degree 53, to share his favourite workplace productivity apps. Degree 53 is a digital agency, specialising in mobile app and web development, UX and design, as well as consultancy services. The Manchester-based agency provides support to clients across a number of industries, including online gambling, sports, education and finance.