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Stat of the Day: 14% of UK Start Ups Founded by Immigrants

It’s a report that’s almost 2 years old, but a stat that I only came across today. 14% of UK start-ups are founded by immigrants. To put that into context, that represents one in seven of all UK start ups. That’s pretty impressive.

This is one of a whole host of reasons that I’m incredibly pro-immigration and pro-EU. And I really hope that the UK does not vote to leave the European Union in the upcoming referendum.

Finding this stat got me doing a bit of research about how this figure stacks up overseas too and I came across some more facts that highlight why immigration should be celebrated:

  • A third of USA venture backed businesses that went public between 2006 and 2016 have at least one founder who was an immigrant
  • A whopping 40% of Fortune 500 Companies were founded by immigrants or their children
  • In the USA, 250 of every 100,000 US-born citizens will start a business. Amongst immigrants, this figure rises to a huge 430 in every 100,000.

There are hundreds of reasons I personally believe that global immigration is something to be celebrated, not just business reasons. But some of these stats certainly highlight some of them.