content marketing examples in travel

Travel Companies Doing Great Content Marketing

I talk a lot about how much I love working on content and SEO for travel companies. It’s a competitive, rewarding area to work in and the target customer loves to talk about their travels. That’s partly why it’s such a great area…

b2b content marketing examples 2016

B2B Content Marketing Examples I Love

Content marketing is often talked about online in the context of big consumer brands like Red Bull and GoPro. But let’s face it – when your content strategy involves throwing a man out of space with a parachute, it’s easy…

productivity tips

9 Ways I’m Being More Productive in 2016

I’ve never considered myself unproductive. In fact, I consistently get things that need doing done – largely because tasks bug me until they’re completed. But what I found was increasingly happening is that certain bits of output I needed to get…

I Asked 1,000 People to Complete the Sentence, "The Tories Are...."

I Asked 1,000 People to Complete the Sentence, “The Tories Are….”

You’ve probably read the news over the past few days. Someone somewhere has spent enough time playing with Google Autosuggest (and it wasn’t even me this time!) to discover that the Tories appear to be getting off a little bit…

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Stat of the Day: 14% of UK Start Ups Founded by Immigrants

It’s a report that’s almost 2 years old, but a stat that I only came across today. 14% of UK start-ups are founded by immigrants. To put that into context, that represents one in seven of all UK start ups….