seo for travel agents and tour operators

5 Reasons I Love Doing SEO for Travel Companies

At Tecmark, we’re fortunate enough to work with some brilliant travel agents and have some well profiled SEO and content case studies from this arena.

Travel SEO is one of my absolute favourite areas to work in. And here’s why:

1. Travel SEO is Super Competitive – And I get a Kick out of it

Travel SEO is tough. But by the same token, there’s nothing quite like the buzz of beating a big brand in a certain keyword or topic area. I still get a kick out of that. Whether it’s a headline ranking like “cheap holidays,” or it’s just visibility across a group of keywords around a destination, taking visibility from well known brands in the space is enjoyable.

2. Content in this area is fun

Travel and tourism is one of my preferred areas for content creation simply because it’s fun. People travel and go on holiday because they want to and they love to. It’s not a necessity or a boring have-to-buy. It’s something people love doing, spend a long time planning, thinking about, researching and something people remember for years and years. It has an emotive edge to it. That makes creating content, whether for digital PR, on site SEO or link/social engagement acquisition much more fun. There’s a lot of scope for creating content in the travel arena.

3. The long tail is huge and valuable

In any type of travel, there’s a huge long tail opportunity and this is long tail converting traffic. We’ve made an incredible volume of bookings for travel SEO clients through long tail. Whether it’s a research phrase like, “Where Should I go on Holiday?” or a destination guide or even getting right into the very specific ready-to-book phrases, there’s a lot of scope for long tail.

4. There is so much data!

Travel SEO comes with a ton of data. Not least because most travel agents are investing in PPC as well, meaning keyword and conversion data is available in reams. But because there are endless studies and blog posts about who is performing well in travel SEO and what they’re doing. The more data, the better. And if there’s a lot already out there to supplement your own research, you have even more information on which to base decisions about your campaign.

5. So many different travel niches

Cruises, domestic travel, luxury travel, honeymoons, business travel, holiday parks, ski… there are so many different sub-industries within the travel umbrella. Again, that results in more to talk about, more people to talk to and even more data.

Why not just work in SEO for a travel company then?

As much as I love working in travel SEO, I can’t imagine ever working in house even for a travel company. And the reason is that I love the wide view that agency working offers. I see what’s happening in a huge range of verticals each day and I get a kick out of that.

But I’ll always have my preferred industries to work in. Travel and B2B are particular favourites but I love the variety you get from working in an agency.