mog the cat sainsburys christmas ad 2015

WTF is that Sainsbury’s Christmas Ad all about?

Cats are bastards. Evil, demonic beings. I’ve believed it for some time and have made no secret of it. But I was not expecting my fears to be confirmed in TV advertising aired over the festive season.

But in the tale of Mog, aired by Sainsbury’s this weekend as its 2015 Christmas ad offering, we meet a cat who is the Damian of the feline world, a character that could have been written by Steven King.

Take a look at the ad:

If you can’t be bothered with the whole 3 minute 30 second mini Christmas horror film, allow me to summarise.

Mog the Demonic Cat, has been hatching a plan to give her family a Christmas to remember. She’s been plotting to set fire to the house all year and turns on the oven while the family sleeps innocently upstairs. Masterfully, she makes it look like a complete accident.  She gets up in the morning somewhat surprised at the fact the place hasn’t yet burnt down and goes to investigate the oven, getting a face full of smoke in the process (1:00).

Quite content that the oven is indeed on and it shouldn’t be too long now until the house begins to burn and the family who love her are made victims of this tragedy, she decides she’ll do all the s**t she’s never gotten away with before. She pulls dishes from the table, knocks the corks out of champagne bottles, swings on the fan, breaks ornaments and destroys a beautiful antique grandfather clock.

This is the Christmas Mog has dreamt of her entire life.

Then she goes further. The destroys the Christmas tree and the presents and when the oven door bursts open and a cloud of smoke is released (1:50) she realises it’s time to make a break for it, leaving her innocent family sleeping up stairs.

Unfortunately for Mog, things haven’t worked out quite the way she planned. She’s accidentally dialled 999 and the fire brigade turn up just as she’s about to make a break for it.

Devastated that her plan has failed and the family is safe, Mog goes into master manipulator mode and uses her feline slyness to convince the family she actually save their lives.

But she’s already planning 2016’s sequel. Be warned, family…. be warned.

Not exactly a Merry Christmas from Sainsbury’s, is it?!