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An Inspiring Day at Turing Festival’s Full Stack Marketing 2015 Event

What makes an amazing conference, I find, is a difficult-to-deliver combination of a great venue, cracking line up, good “vibe,” (hard to really quantify) and the right mix of delegates.

There are some conferences I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in that have really delivered on that, including Learn Inbound, SearchLove London, Mozcon and BrightonSEO. Joining that list is the Turing Festival’s Full Stack Marketing.

I was approached about speaking at this event a few months ago. It would be the first time that the Turing Festival had put on a marketing day and the line up they were working on was somewhat impressive (and rather intimidating to speak alongside!). Add to that the fact that conference would take place in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival and I anticipated this being a one of a kind thing, so jumped at the opportunity.

I’m glad I did.

Full Stack Marketing took place on Friday¬†at Edinburgh’s International Conference Centre. A sold out event, not far from 400 delegates filled a venue with the goal of learning. The line up looked like this:

That’s a pretty intimidating line up to share a stage with, to be fair! But what an opportunity to be involved in an event like this.

Equally as impressive as the line up of speakers secured was the organisation. Brian Corcoran and an equally committed team took care of every last detail, securing a great venue during Fringe – when it’s notoriously difficult to get any venue at all. They organised accommodation for speakers and sold out the event.

But for me, what was particularly awesome is the delegates to whom they’d sold out. For me, the delegates at a conference are the single most important thing about it. There’s nothing worse than a room full of bored people who are only there because their boss has some research and development budget to burn.

At Full Stack, the room was full of people passionate about marketing and who just wanted to learn, share experiences and get better at their jobs. And don’t we all? When you have a room full of people with as much passion as that, the atmosphere takes care of it itself.

It was the sort of event I wished I’d had half my team at with me. As a speaker, I spend endless hours preparing a deck and researching and rehearsing and it was clear that everyone speaking had done so. I feel as though everyone in my team would have taken something away from the event…. will certainly be looking to get them up next year!

All in all, this was an incredible event. It’s up there as one of my favourites and I truly hope Full Stack makes a return next year.

Congratulations to Brian, Stipso and everyone else involved on a superb debut Full Stack Marketing. I hope to be back!

Image via Codebase