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Learn Inbound – Get Yourself There!

With an ever increasing number of content, inbound marketing and other digital marketing conferences starting, it’s difficult for newer events to stand out enough to compete with established ones for audience.

But last night I had the pleasure of speaking at Learn Inbound, a relatively new event in Dublin. This is a quarterly event that launched in January. It has a few things that make it different:

  • It’s an evening event, with sessions starting at 7pm and finishing at 9pm
  • It takes place at a music gig venue, which offers up a completely different atmosphere to many other events
  • There are only 3 speakers

That said, the next one in October will be a bit different… more on that shortly.

The previous speaker roster is impressive, boasting Aleyda Solis, Matthew BarbyRichard BaxterStephen Kenwright, Kieran Flangan and Bryan Adams. And last night I had the pleasure of speaking alongside Ben Norman and Lisa Myers.

Image via @mortarandmore

Image via @mortarandmore

If you did miss last night and care to take a peek, my deck is here:

As well as carefully selecting speakers by seeing them personally and by referral, what the guys behind Learn Inbound have done is make it price accessible with tickets at 30 Euros each (or 25 each if you book 2 or more). That makes the event affordable even if it isn’t being funded by an employer. The fact it’s an evening event also adds an interesting dimension. When people aren’t on the clock, you could argue there’s more focus on the event and there’s less chance of people feeling the need to check emails. Networking over a beer at what is essentially a gig venue is also a much more relaxed approach and I do think this is conducive to some really interesting conversation.

Mark Scully, Siobhán McGinty, Paul Cawley and the rest of the team have a really great vision – an affordable event with a community of marketers who just want to be better and better at their jobs. And they’ve started by selecting speakers and topics carefully and making the price one that is accessible. With a good venue in an amazing city to add into the mix and there is a winning formula here. The organisation was top notch.

October’s Learn Inbound

I mentioned that things would be a little different in October. And that’s because the event will at the Dublin Academy, be a daytime event and tickets will be 99 Euros for this one event. That’s because there are 5 speakers and the lineup is excellent:

What a lineup. And at 99 Euros it’s a steal.

You can grab tickets here.

A Brilliant Time Had

Every single time I attend industry events, I’m reminded just how fortunate we are to work in a space where people love what they do so much and are so prepared to share knowledge and experience. From drinks after the event last night, to dinner with the Learn Inbound team and other speakers, people will openly share.

This morning, I caught up with the ludicrously smart Barry Adams and incredible Lisa Myers for breakfast. The conversation turned quickly to the challenges and trends we’re all experiencing and seeing working here. It’s always amazing just to hear from people experiencing some of the same pain points as you as well as enjoying some of the same successes and overcoming many similar challenges. And there was no sense of holding things back. We’re effectively competitors in a marketplace, but in an incredibly unique way, this industry is one where, despite effectively being competitors, people share experiences.

The Future for Learn Inbound

I’m confident that Learn Inbound will be a much bigger event a year from now. The amazing foundations are there and the opening events have been just amazing.

This is definitely one to watch.