Virgin Parental Leave Policy

How a Virgin Management Company Announcement Became Content Gold Dust

  • Almost 100 pieces of positive coverage.
  • Links from almost 100 different domains, including some incredibly well read websites (Mashable, CIPD, AOL etc etc).
  • Thousands of social shares.

I’m not talking about a big interactive piece of content, a visual masterpiece or groundbreaking piece of research here. This is what a simple announcement about an internal company policy change generated.

Granted, the company is Virgin Management and the policy change is both topical and brilliant. But nonetheless, check out this announcement. Virgin Management has announced changes to its parental leave policy. The changes are, without doubt, industry leading. Employees who have been with the company for 2 years or less get 52 weeks of parental leave and will be paid 25% of their salary. The pay increases with service up to 100% of salary for employees who have been with Virgin Management for 4 years or more.

That’s pretty awesome and is something that will resonate with anyone with or considering children. Aside from undoubtedly making their employees super happy, they’ve done themselves no harm from a PR perspective. Take a look at some of these:


Virgin parental leave policy coverage

virgin coverage

virgin parental leave policy coverage

While Forbes picked up on some of the catches and caveats, the bulk of coverage has been incredibly positive. Despite the fact this is a policy that applies to a mere 0.2% of Virgin’s total group employees, in one announcement Richard Branson has portrayed himself as a generous, family centred employer. And even though it’s only Virgin Management staff benefitting from the change, the coverage makes his entire group of companies (the brand as a whole) look like the place to work for family people.

Well played, Virgin. Well played.