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Buyable Pins – Coming Soon to Pinterest

Pinterest users in the USA will soon be able to take turn their Window Shopping into real online shopping. Pinterest announced yesterday that a “buy” button will be coming soon.

The site has amassed an impressive 72 million users so far in its relatively short lifetime and its user base is over 80% female. 52% of Pinterest’s daily users consult the site before shopping. That’s pretty impressive and absolutely justifies this (somewhat predictable) move into ecommerce.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • At present, only US brands whose online stores use Demandware or Shopify can sign up.
  • Users will be able to buy using the mobile app on iPhone and iPad
  • Users will be able to pay with ApplePay or a credit card
  • For products with multiple colours, users will be able to browse all colours from within the one Pin
  • The function will be available for iPhone and iPad users “in the next few weeks.” No timeframe has been given for Android or Desktop users

It isn’t

You can get all the info here.

This is an interesting move for ecommerce retailers. And it means the large army of window shoppers that have been gracing the platform for some time might just turn into real shoppers.

What is perhaps most interesting is that Pinterest will not be charging commission. Check out this comment from a software engineer at Pinterest:

pinterest buy now free

Of course, with the ability to buy on Pinterest, there’s perhaps more incentive for retailers to spend on Promoted pins, but nonetheless, with no commission to pay, you would expect that even retailers not that active on Pinterest yet might start showing more of an interest.