happy new year 2015



I hope you all managed a bit of a break over the festive season and are now back to the day jobs refreshed and full of optimism for the 12 months ahead.

It’s weird, the first day back at the office after Christmas. There’s the unavoidable lethargy that comes with dragging your backside out of bed for the first time in a week or two while it’s dark in the morning. And, of course, the night before you go back to work you never sleep properly (or is that just me?).

But this morning I was remarkably energetic for someone who’s had very little sleep, is just about 7 months pregnant and is frankly just not a morning person anyway. And with good reason. It occurred to me as I was talking to myself in the shower this morning (we all do that, right?) how exciting a year this is going to be.

2015 at Tecmark

We’re expanding hugely at Tecmark. We’ve got close to a dozen vacancies, some exciting new campaigns and prospective campaigns and have just opened an office over in Liverpool as well. It’s all happening. And the year started in great fashion for me today. I have a week of interviews in the diary, meeting prospective new trainee SEO and content marketing executives. And interviewing people looking to make their first waves in our industry is always brilliantly refreshing. I met with 5 people today all new to our industry, all looking to get a foot in the door and each with a completely unique perspective on digital as a whole.

We have massive plans for the year and it’s a great time to be at Tecmark. Incidentally, if you’re looking for a role, we’ve got a load of them listed over on Prolific North.

Mini Me

So this is the year I also have my first pet human baby. 😉 In all seriousness, though, the prospect of a baby due in March as as exciting now as it is terrifying. That will mean a few weeks of maternity leave for me and then a more extended period of leave for my husband and plenty of help from Mums, Nans, Aunties and others! Yes, people… if you have offered up your babysitting services even once in passing, I’ve made a note of it 😉

Leaving Manchester City Centre….

I’ve been living in Manchester City Centre for coming up to 5 years now. With a baby on the way, we’re moving to far more sensible settings and will be relocating to nearby Saddleworth this month. I’m sure I’ll miss the busy nature of the city centre and I don’t expect that swapping my everything-on-the-doorstep lifestyle for an “oooh, fields,” lifestyle will be a particularly easy adjustment. But I’m very much looking forward to a new chapter anyway!


Screw that! I’ve got enough on my plate without committing to something ludicrous that I will have failed at by the middle of the month and will then spend a further month criticising myself for failing at.

Last year (and the 3 years before that) I tried not swearing. I failed. So I don’t bother now. 😉

Happy New Year!

Whatever you’ve got planned for the year ahead, I hope you all have a super 2015!