John Lewis 2014 Christmas Ad Monty the Penguin

Monty the Penguin – The John Lewis 2014 Christmas Ad

John Lewis have done it again. They’ve created another Christmas ad that appears to be quickly gaining traction and has already won the hearts of plenty.

Here’s the ad. It’s a story of Monty the Penguin, a boy’s best friend who becomes a little lovesick.

So, it’s cute. Very cute. But for me, it’s still no match for John Lewis’ 2011 ad.

It’s lovely. But with the 2011 ad, I didn’t know what the twist would be. I kind of figured out exactly how it would end early on with the 2014 ad.

John Lewis 2014 Christmas Ad Song

The song on the ad is by Tom Odell and is called¬†Real Love.¬†For me, the song is much better than last year’s.

I’m still not sure when the ad will debut on TV. I’m expecting it during a Corrie ad break on Friday or during Saturday’s X Factor, but we’ll see! However, John Lewis unveiling their ad means it’s well and truly Christmas. Superb.

Find Out More

John Lewis have put together a whole bit of their site dedicated to finding out more about the ad and also getting involved in adopting a penguin. Check it out.