Facebook Ad Fail: Hey, I'm Not a Grandma!

Facebook Ad Fail: Hey, I’m Not a Grandma!

I know it’s sad (and that I really ought to get a life) but I do spend a lot of time looking at how I am targeted with Facebook ads – both on my own account and on dummy accounts I have just for that purpose. It’s interesting, to me, to watch the good, the bad and the ugly of Facebook ads across desktop, tablet and mobile alike.

This is possibly the weirdest I’ve seen targeted at me:

grandma facebook ads

Now, there are two pieces of  key information this advertiser can see about me when they set their ad campaign up.

  • I’m 29!!!
  • I don’t have children, let alone Grandchildren (I am pregnant but there had been no mention of this on my Facebook profile at the time this ad was displayed)

So wtf?

Maybe they think I’ll buy it as a gift?

So, ok. Let me give these guys the benefit of the doubt for a moment. Maybe they think I will buy this for my Nan? I wouldn’t of course, cos it’s ugly as sin and my Nan isn’t the hoodie wearing sort. But that’s beside the point.If that is what the intention was, why the wording:

“Just released for Grandmothers. Order yours now.”

It clearly is worded to sound like they’re talking to a Grandma.

Fortunately, I’m not that easily offended 😉 But you have to wonder how many wasted clicks they’ll be paying for by targeting 20-something women with no children.

What a bizarre ad.