Helping Auntie Angela to Navigate the Complex World of Facebook

Helping Auntie Angela to Navigate the Complex World of Facebook

A few years ago, I introduced my Auntie Angela to Facebook. It was, apparently, a revelation. It meant she could basically find out exactly who was having an affair with who, who was pregnant, who was getting divorced and who was having a bad day without even needing to leave the house. And apparently, there’s no better combination than noseying at the lives of people you know while simultaneously keeping up with the lives of the fictional people on Coronation Street.

Auntie Angela actually bought a laptop just for Facebook. I kid you not. And you’d be forgiven for thinking I’m exaggerating but when I went to her house (about a year later!) to try and figure out a technical problem she was having, her web history showed literally Facebook only. I’d stored a bookmark to Facebook for her, I’d set it as her homepage and it’s literally all she did on that computer: Facebook. Her laptop was basically an expensive Facebook machine.

Photos and Facebook

So, Auntie Angela loves Facebook. And she loves sharing her own photos on Facebook. But she can’t actually share her own. Getting her holiday photos from her digital camera, onto her computer and uploading them to Facebook is a mission of a similar level of complexity to landing the Curiosity Rover on Mars. It’s a task that requires me to put aside an afternoon and visit her house after every single holiday she has to ‘help out.’ That’s code for ‘do it for me, please.’

Her technical capabilities have improved over time. She can now take photos on her mobile. #progress But she needs someone else to put them on Facebook for her. Again, I’m not joking. Text message exchanges like this are pretty common:

Facebook1 Facebook2

And every single time we go somewhere, a conversation like this ensues:

ANGELA: Stacey, get your iPhone out and take my photo.

ME: Ok.

ANGELA: Wait. let me get my lipstick on.

*I take the photo and show her.*

ANGELA: No, I look mingin’ on that. Don’t put that on Facebook. Take another one.

*I show her that one.”

ANGELA: Erm. Well. Ok, go on then. Put that on Facebook. Tag me and check me in.

Angela Would Love Facebook on the Go

This is someone who wants to check in everywhere, share her smartphone photos with the world and make sure everyone knows where she is at all times. So Facebook on mobile, you’d think, would be the way forward.

As timing has it, I’ve recently upgraded to an iPhone 6, which means my husband has taken my iPhone 5S and he’ll be getting rid of his old 5. Auntie Angela fancies the iPhone 5.

“Ah, you want Facebook on the go?” I asked her?

“No,” she told me. “I won’t do that. Just text messages and phone calls.”

“If you’re only going to make phone calls and send text messages, then I can assure you that you probably don’t need an iPhone. Get a cheap one. Why’d you want an iPhone for texts and phone calls?”

“I don’t know. I just want a modern one.”

Apparently that’s just family logic….

So she’s unlikely to be the next social media marketing “guru” on the scene. But, that said, she makes a mean hangover breakfast 😉