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5 Trending Interactives That Will Make You Drool for More

First time kid on the internetI’m a huge fan of interactives. Seriously, I love them. How can you not? Interactives are packed with data, stunning visuals, and resourceful information you can apply in your daily life.

Now, don’t get me wrong, not all interactives are created equally. Some are bad, some are amazing, and then there’s the ones that make you say “meh”. The ones that really stand are ones that have an emotional factor or something educational in nature. You know, something you can apply in your everyday life.

Time to learn something

Time to learn something

In a recent study performed by Forrester Consulting, they found that interactives isn’t a trend, but concluded that they are the future of advertising. Another interesting point I took away from the study: “By using interactive infographics, brands can educate and entertain their users. It is a platform that captures the attention and engagement of their users and increase conversion to bring value to their brand.”

This is so true. Every time I complete one of these interactives, I always walk away thinking: “wow, they didn’t even try to sell me something.”

Every day I’m Stumbling

Jim Carrey

Every now and then I stumble over to the‘s community section to see what kind magic I can find. In most cases, I find gold (sometimes I wish I could find just the crappy ones to share with you). The community section is a great resource for anyone who’s interested in utilizing interactives because it can get your wheels turning and help you produce some out of this world stuff.  So, I figured I would do the hard work for you, and pick out some of the top trending interactives on

Here’s the top 5 trending interactives that will make you think: “why didn’t I think of that!”

1. Then and Now

This throwback stunning interactive by RightMove walks you through the streets of Britain, and shows you before and after shots from the devastation of World War 1 compared to today.

The before picture is displayed when you slide the slider across the image. It blends in seamlessly. This is a serious good piece of work here.

Then an now interactive

Then and now World War 1

2. Where in the World Should You Live?

If you’re into traveling you’re going to love this interactive quiz from Currencies. If you’re looking to move, this is a fun little tool that matches up your personality to a specific location on the globe. I tried it and ended up with South Africa. Don’t mind if I do. Where did you end up?

Where in the world should you live

Where in the world should you live

3. Car Smarts – How Well Do You Know What You Drive

I’ll be honest, I know nothing about cars. Here’s another interactive quiz that BudgetDirect put out recently. It’s already gaining traction by being picked as a staff pick. I had fun with this one, because it actually taught me something!

Put your car skills to the test as you race against the clock. At the end you’re provided with a score. This way you can brag to all your friends how Fast and Furious you are.

Car Smarts - How Well Do You Know You Car

Car Smarts
4. 25 Years of the Internet

You won’t need a Tardis for this one. Travel through time with Onyx Group as they give you a front row seat to 25 years of the internet’s history.

25 Years of the internet

25 Years of the internet

5. World Cup 2014– Path To Glory 

Ah yes, the wonderful world of sports. Brazil was this summer’s focus for football fans and non-fans alike. The FIFA World Cup of 2014 united the populations from 32 competing countries who watched their national teams perform on the global stage after getting through the grueling qualifying stages.

This sportsmanlike interactive from charts the progression of each country’s team as they battled each other along with the oppressive heat and humidity. Learn which players represented their countries and the positions they played in. See all the match results, the goals, the leading goal scorers, the red cards and each heartbreaking own goal on the World Cup Path to Glory.

World Cup 2014 Interactive

World Cup 2014 Interactive

At the end of the day, if I were in charge of a marketing campaign, I would absolutely want an interactive effort to boost brand awareness. If you ever need to convince anyone why, just share this post with them, and that should get them sorted out.

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