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Three Mobile’s #holidayspam Campaign

I’m really enjoying some of Three Mobile’s advertising at the moment. In particular, I like the #holidayspam campaign they’re running to promote the fact that they’ve ditched roaming charges in a number of countries with their Feel at Home Scheme.

The ad I’m talking about is this one:

This aired on national TV yesterday and is supported by a website: and a promoted trend on Twitter this morning.

holiday spam trending topic promoted tweet


The website has a number of other smaller videos too as well as the information about the Feel at Home scheme. It’s cleverly done.

The hash tag has, predictably, been hijacked by some people who just want to tell Three they don’t like the ad:

There’s also some positive feedback.

And, more to the point (and certainly what I imagine Three is more bothered about) people actually posting their holiday photos using #holidayspam. Very good. Keep up with #holidayspam hashtag:

Personally, I think it’s a great campaign. Yes, a bit cheesy. But it stands out, it’s memorable and it’s a great way to advertise a bloody good roaming charge free scheme (something I’ll be taking advantage of when in Seattle next week).