what sort of images should I release?

Image Link Building – What Sort of Images Should I Release?

Yes, I’m waffling about image link building again. But I got an email yesterday from someone asking me how I decide what albums to produce. In other words, what should the pictures you release actually be of? This stuff matters….

a1 steak sauce facebook commercial

A1 Steak Sauce Ad – Friend Requests

I first came across this ad on Twitter in early June. And then Phil Nottingham referenced it in his Mozcon presentation last week, which sent me back looking for it once more. Check it out: This might be the best…

tracking use of your images online

Tracking the Use of Your Images Online

I’ve spoken and written a fair old amount on the acquisition of citations and links through distributing images under a Creative Commons License. I wrote about the process we follow on┬áthe Meld and spoke about it at BrightonSEO and SearchLove…

three mobile holiday spam

Three Mobile’s #holidayspam Campaign

I’m really enjoying some of Three Mobile’s advertising at the moment. In particular, I like the #holidayspam campaign they’re running to promote the fact that they’ve ditched roaming charges in a number of countries with their Feel at Home Scheme….