Google Brand Impressions Tool

Google Brand Impressions Tool – Love This

Google has so many random little tools and every couple of weeks I spend some time messing around with one or two of them (I do have a life as well, I promise). This weekend I’ve been messing around with a tool that’s a couple of years old – the brand impressions tool.

This is a tool that tracks certain brand activity over time and helps you to see, at a glance, the most viewed/engaged with content that brand has produced on Google platforms (Youtube, Plus etc) as well as tracking that brand’s presence in Google News.

Here’s a quick glance of a dashboard for the Paddy Power brand:

paddy power brand impressions

Whenever you go into one of visuals, topics or actions, you can also compare the brand with another.

Let’s be honest… the dashboard could be prettier! And if you download the data, you get a CSV file that can be pretty difficult to make sense of quickly. But the data available here is excellent for getting a snapshot of the impression people might be getting of a brand on Google and on the content they’re having the most engagement with.

Not bad for a freebie, eh?