michael and stacey macnaught

Married, MacNaught and Off to Mexico

So, I got married yesterday! And, aside from the less-than-subtle hints from my Mother about when the Grandchildren would be following, it was a really relaxing day with friends and family.

There was perhaps definitely a little too much alcohol consumed but what a day we all had! Mega thanks to friends and family for making it such a kick ass and memorable event for the both of us.

stacey cavanagh michael macnaught

I’ve made the decision (eventually) to take my husband’s name…. MacNaught. So, apparently, I’m now Stacey MacNaught. That’ll take some getting used to! But I won’t bother with the paperwork of updating it on everything until I get back from 2 weeks on Mexico’s Mayan Riviera.

So that’s me over and out until I’m back!