Keeping it Real: I Can't Read The Same SEO Content Over and Over Again

Keeping it Real: I Can’t Read The Same SEO Content Over and Over Again

The author of this post is Kevin Raposo. Kevin has pretty strong opinions on content within the SEO industry and wanted to voice them here!

Alright, let’s cut it out. I’m beginning to see a pattern. The same SEO content done over and over again. It’s being force fed into my face, and it’s missing my mouth, because its already cheek-to-cheek full of the same shit.

This isn’t your traditional SEO post. No tips will be offered here, there will be no experts sharing their knowledge, there’s no data or pretty graphs to back my rantings… This is simply a post about what I’m finding out there in the world of SEO content.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. When I first started in this business, I was completely lost. I didn’t work for an agency, so I didn’t have the luxury of having fellow peers teach and guide me along the way. I was working in-house and had heavily relied on blog posts and comments sections to tell me what I should be doing. There was a lot to take in, but luckily, there was an endless amount of content out there to help steer me in the right direction.

After a while of developing some experience, I started to see a pattern. The same types of topics and articles being written and repackaged, over and over again.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the stuff that you find out there is really good and informative. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of people re-spinning it.  I mean, how many ways can you really write about guest posting not being dead? See for yourself, do a simple search for “is guest posting dead?”, and see how many articles you see listed in the search results. Do you see what I’m  talking about?

I for one, am sick to death of reading the same crap!

This isn’t the only example I can think of. For example, anytime Google releases and update to their algorithm, you’ll see hundreds of blogs reword the news into a post on their own blog. Now, I’m not saying this is bad, because blogs have readers, and readers need to be informed. At the same time, your readers don’t want to read an article that’s been respun by countless other SEO blogs. They want to read ones “that give readers a unique take on it, some data they’ve found or a solution to any problems they cause”, Stacey Cavanagh explains.

At the end of the day, you want readers to stay on your blog. If they’re getting the same news from Moz, or SearchEngineJournal, what’s the point of them visiting your blog?  These blogs have built their reputation on creating an authoritative voice in the SEO community by researching data, asking questions, and most importantly, creating helpful content that’s never been done before!

Does anyone here feel the same as I do? Without calling anyone out, I’ve decided to compile a list of topics I’ve seen beat to death. Let’s see if we can meet on the same page.

The Top “X” Link Building Strategies for 2014

I’m sure these types of posts are blowing up your Twitter feed right at this very moment. How many of these tips have already been noted in other link building tips and tricks articles? Not to mention all the year end posts you’ll see. For instance, something like this: 10 Link building Lessons We’ve Learned in 2013. Cmon, give me a break! Seems like we’re putting out content, just for the sake of putting out content.

5 Reasons Why Google Authorship Will Help You

Yea, no shit it’s going to help me! I don’t need 5-10 reasons why it’s beneficial for me.

97 SEO Experts Share Their Best Advice

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit here, but I’ve honestly seen a post the other day that shared advice from 53 experts. I mean, who literally wants to spend a whole day reading an article?  What makes these people experts? Is it because they wrote a blog post? I mean, anyone can write a blog post, it certainly doesn’t make them an expert. On top of this, they’re sharing tips that have been shoved down your throat already.

5 Ways To Find Influencers In Your Niche

I swear, all of these articles are promoting FollowerWonk. I get it, it’s a great tool. I just don’t need to read 50 articles about it.

Link building isn’t Dead/Is Link Building Dead?

I love how the headline always implies that this is an age-old question. You’ll have 50% of the articles explaining why link building isn’t dead, and the other 50% explaining why it is.  Again, it’s just the same topic, with the same bullet points written in a completely different format.

These are just some of the examples I could think of. I’m sure there’s a whole array of topics I’m missing, but don’t worry, I’m sure this article will have the same effect.

I’m probably going to  piss off a lot of people in the SEO community with this post. I don’t want anyone to think of this as an attack on them, or their work. I’m just saying what needs to be said, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.  As long as I’ve helped open a noobs eyes who’s venturing into the world of SEO, that’s all that matters to me. We’ve all been there once.

As SEO’s and content marketers, we need to always challenge ourselves to be creative and different. Always showing another point of view. I mean, if we’re not doing that, then what’s the point?

Writing is hard! For some, it’s easier than others. For the ones who are posting, keep posting! I’m not saying  you’re doing a horrible job. If it wasn’t for people like you, I, and many others would be lost. All I’m asking, don’t put out the same drivel everyone else is posting. Be different, challenge others, ask questions, be creative!

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Kevin Raposo Kevin Raposo handles PR & Outreach for SimpliSafe. When he’s not catching up on a million SEO articles, he can usually be found on a basketball court, trying to improve his jump shot. “Trying,” is the keyword.