RealtimeBoard: Collaborative Digital Whiteboard Tool

I’ve spent a couple of hours messing around with a tool I came across tonight. Apparently that’s how I spend my Sunday evenings. #rockandroll.

But anyway, I’m keen enough to share it… It’s called RealtimeBoard and I came across it on the Chrome Web Store.

You can find out a bit more about what it does on this video:

Effectively, it’s an in browser whiteboard with collaboration abilities. There are lots of ready made templates (mind maps, personas, workflows, planners etc). Alternatively, you can start a completely blank whiteboard and add things such as text, videos from the web, images, shapes and so on.

There’s also quite a nifty gallery of shapes and prototyping images:

realtimeboard prototyping

It’s still relatively new to me. I can’t see me using it for things like Mind Mapping (I am already in love with MindNode Pro and it’s a relationship that runs deep). But I think for basic mobile prototyping, for workflow diagrams and potentially personas too, (as well as content marketing project workflows and sharing space) I could get into it.

nifty post it note

Not yet mobile ready, though, it doesn’t seem. But worth a play around with.

Check it out.