erm lost

So, apparently I am over reliant on my smartphone….

My better half and I like to walk up hills and stuff. Well, when I say we “like” to do this, I mean that we do do this. He likes it. I whinge about it but I like it when it’s over. Then I ache for 3 days and go back out and do it again when the aching stops. But you get the idea.

The biggest problem I have is an apparently inability to read maps. Like real maps. I’m too accustomed to just pulling out my iPhone and expecting it to get me from wherever I am to wherever I need to be without needing to think too much about it. On that basis, I don’t bother with actual maps. I print directions and stuff off walking websites and hope for the best. Even if I had a proper map, I wouldn’t know which way up to hold it. And if it doesn’t have a touchscreen and a robotic voice directing me, then it’s no use to me.

So imagine the inconvenience last weekend when, during a 10 mile or so moor walk (at the point at which we were furthest from any inhabited villages or towns) it started absolutely chucking it down and a thick fog fell.

My iPhone had no signal (duh… I was in the middle of the Marsden Moor. What did I expect?!). So although I could see where I was on the map, I couldn’t input a postcode and get my phone to get me out of it. And apparently, both Apple Maps and Google Maps fail miserably at pointing you in the direction of barely visible moorland paths.

Of course, no panic necessary in the end. My Fiancé is not quite as incompetent as I am and was a tad better prepared. With his A4 printed map and directions and after only walking backwards and forwards deciding on the direction for 10 minutes, he pointed in a direction and marched onward leaving me to follow him. Turns out it was the right way.


I do need to learn to read maps. Like proper ones. That walk wasn’t too far off the beaten track but as I plan to do longer, tougher walks in the coming months, I should clearly have the ability to navigate with one of those archaic paper map thingies.

So that’s the next thing on my ‘to learn’ list.

And here’s a couple of snaps from last weekend’s walk:

Marsden Moor Walk

Marsden Moor Walk

Marsden Moor Heritage Trail

Marsden Moor Heritage Trail