Mobile UX in Google's Page Speed Insights Tool - No Longer in Beta

Mobile UX in Google’s Page Speed Insights Tool – No Longer in Beta

Back in December 2013, Google rolled out mobile user experience recommendations in its load speed tool in Beta.

google load speed ux recommendations

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This beta rollout came hot on the heels of Matt Cutts suggesting at PubCon that mobile search rankings are soon likely to be affected by your mobile user experience.

It came to my attention yesterday, though (as spotted by Rich Bannister), that the UX recommendations are no longer tagged with “Beta” and the “not currently a part of the overall score” message has gone.

More interestingly, though, depending on the site you enter in, the UX recommendations appearĀ BEFOREĀ the speed recommendations. The example below shows the Co-Op Bank’s website:

mobile ux recommendations google

If you run a site through the tool and the site speed is worse than the UX score, then speed recommendations show first, as below with the Thomson Holidays website:

thomson load speed

So what?

Well, the UX recommendations are separated from load speed recommendations and they’re not load speed recommendations. Yet here they are in a “Page Speed Insights” tool? Is this tool going to become more of a UX recommendations tool?

But more to the point, are we a step closer to factors like the ones this tool points out having a significant impact on visibility in searches on smartphones?