if i didnt work in seo

If I Didn’t Work in SEO….

I love my job (most days). SEO (or ‘inbound marketing’ or ‘organic performance marketing’ or whatever else people call it these days) is a ridiculously fast moving area to work in. That’s part of the appeal for me. That and the fact that good results have such evident and provable benefits for people or businesses.

And it’s fun. Really fun (most days). I like the passion in the industry and the conviction with which people will defend or argue against something. So many people working in an industry where so many things are a matter of opinion makes for some of the most interesting get togethers I’ve been to. And, of course, everyone’s opinions on the next big thing in SEO become far more fascinating after a few beers post-conferences. So I can’t see myself leaving the industry any time soon.

But I was asked the interesting question recently of what I would be doing if not this. I didn’t have an answer. I offered up a half arsed, “I dunno… writing of some sort maybe.”

I thought about it some more and still don’t really have a concrete answer. If I look to my childhood for answers I’d say a Nun. Yes, a NunTo be fair, I’m not convinced they’d have me as a Nun, but when I was 5 and attended a Catholic school, I got it into my head that Nuns just went around schools talking to people and getting free biscuits. Seemed like a good gig.

Hmm. Let’s hope the digital apocalypse doesn’t happen any time soon. Not sure I fancy the Nunnery…

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