david moyes is useless google suggest

David Moyes is Useless, Arsene Wenger is Jimmy Saville and Other Things Google Suggest Says About Premier League Managers

I’m a sucker for a funny Google Suggest screenshot. And, unfortunately (after an opening 6 months that can only be described as ‘catastrophic’) my beloved Manchester United’s new manager has been very much “suggested” of late (as above).

Although I’m definitely not going to disagree that David Moyes is, erm… well… Let’s just say he’s yet to prove himself, I would like to point out that he’s not the only Premier League Manager that Google Suggest has something unsavoury to say about:

Arsene Wenger is Jimmy Saville

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be labelled useless than Jimmy Saville.

arsene wenger is jimmy saville

Jose Mourinho is a (hot) disrespectful hypocrite

He is hot, like.

jose mourinho is hot

Tony Pulis is a prick

And, as you will see, he’s not the only one.

tony pulis is a prick

Robert Martinez is overrated

He’s proving this one wrong.

roberto martinez is overrated

Steve Bruce is the Elephant Man


steve bruce is the elephant man

Brendan Rodgers is having an affair

Google getting all up in everyone’s marital business.

brendan rodgers is having an affair

Alan Pardew is a joke

And a prick, apparently.

ALan pardew is a joke

Mark Hughes is a crap manager

And he is also a prick. Imagine that.

mark hughes is a crap manager

Gus Poyet is a prick

A racist one, apparently.

gus poyet is a prick

Sam Alardyce is a crook

sam allardyce is a crook

See… it’s not just Moyes! 😉