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Coalition for Marriage – F**k You and Your Homophobic Propaganda

The day I found out that gay couples will be able to marry in the UK, I was delighted. I was proud to be British, proud to live in a nation that truly strives for inclusion and equality. And I still feel like that. I feel absolutely thrilled that one of my best friends will have the choice as to whether or not to marry her girlfriend. It will be her choice, not the choice of a dated law or a definition of marriage written so long ago that it’s  irrelevant.

But, not everyone feels like that. I had the misfortune earlier on to come across a video produced by the Coalition For Marriage. Now, the Coalition for Marriage describes itself as an, “umbrella group of individuals and organisations in the UK that support traditional marriage and oppose any plans to redefine it.”

I, personally, would describe it in a series of words that wouldn’t be broadcast before the watershed. Check out this absolutely f**king hideous video.

You will notice that comments are disabled on this video. Clearly this group doesn’t care for people to voice their opinions on Youtube.

It gets worse. They have a video channel dedicated to propaganda. This one, in particular, is a beauty.

WTF? This promotes inequality and it has no place

Let me just clarify a couple of points:

  • I’m straight
  • I am not married (though will be in May this year)

I’ve been with my other half for 10 years. We didn’t feel the need to rush into marriage, perhaps because we’re both atheist so the religious elements of marriage don’t matter to us. The reason we’re getting married now isn’t because we feel we have to be married to have children. It’s not because we’re being “a boy and a girl thinking about producing other boys and girls.” It’s an expression of commitment – an expression that should not be reserved for straight people only!

Laws Change

The Coalition for Marriage’s Argument that British Law defines marriage as “the voluntary union for life of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others,” is irrelevant. Laws change and they modernise and society becomes inclusive. Laws change. Things are redefined. 

Let us not forget that it took a change in the law to give women the vote and to give children the right to education. Laws change because society changes and as a society, we increasingly demand tolerance and equality.

For the Kids…

Some of the arguments employed by the C4M are awful. They’re using documents like this one to try and convince us that equal marriage is going to have some detrimental impact on all of the children in the UK. Are you f***ing kidding me?!

Kids of school age can bring some sanity to this argument, as this video highlighted.

I was brought up by my Mum and my Nan and didn’t live with my Dad. Am I emotionally scarred? Do I feel like I missed out? Do I feel damaged by the absence of a male role model in my life 24/7?


I feel lucky because I was raised in a loving home. I lost out on nothing.

Equal marriage will be great for children. It will promote equality and tolerance. It will show children from a young age that we live in a society where being gay doesn’t mean you have fewer rights. And personally, I will feel significantly happier knowing that if I have children, they’ll live in a country where they can choose whether or not they get married irrespective of their sexual orientation.

Organisations like C4M are spreading spiteful, dated and dangerous propaganda. And it pisses me off.