christmas 2013 tv ads

Christmas 2013 Ads – My Favourites of the Festive Season

I’m a sucker for Christmas TV ads. I don’t even care that their overpriced production is designed to get people talking and buying. I love them. And here’s my favourite TV ads of Christmas 2013.

1. The Lidl Christmas 2013 Ad

I’ve written about this one already. Simple concept. And despite the fact that I really don’t like the One Direction original version of the song (Little Things), the cover on the ad by Majority Says is really lovely.

2. Tesco Christmas 2013 Ad – Christmas Through the Family Ages

I’m not obsessed with supermarkets, honest! But this nostalgic, simple ad from Tesco is really stunning.

The ad takes us through the family Christmas over the years – the tantrums, tears, turkeys and presents. The song is Rod Stewart’s Forever Young.

3. Boots Christmas TV Ad 2013

You’re not really sure where this one is going when an angry teenage boy slams the door shut behind him in the opening 5 seconds. But it soon becomes apparent that the youngster is actually on a mission of niceness, delivering presents to people. The most poignant moment comes at 44 seconds in as the nurse takes the gift from a wheelchair:

“You looked after my Nan…”

The music is a song by Bronski Beat called Smalltown Boy.

4. Google Nexus Christmas 2013 TV Ad

Now, let me be honest. I’m an iPad user. But Google always gives everyone a run for their money in the TV ad stakes. Christmas 2013 is no exception. Using Slade’s lesser known track, Everyday, this ad tells the story of a man working away from home on a ship at Christmas keeping in touch with him family using a Nexus 7 tablet.

Simple and stunning.

5. Sainsbury’s ‘Christmas Moments’ 2013 TV Ad

Sainsbury’s did something a little different. They asked people to submit home video footage from Christmas 2012. From this footage, Sainsbury’s produced a film almost 50 minutes in length. Their Christmas ad this year is effectively a trailer, or snippets or the feature film.

My favourite bit is probably at 1:32, when the young boy gets so utterly excited he cannot contain himself!

If you want to watch the full length 50 minute feature, you can do so here.

6. John Lewis Bear and Hare Christmas 2013 Ad

I don’t think that the John Lewis Christmas 2013 ad is quite as a good as the 2013 one. And this year’s Bear and Hare doesn’t come close to the 2011 ad. But nonetheless, this big budget production is very good. I’m not a fan of the song (a Lily Allen cover of Somewhere Only We Know). 

Despite accusations of plagiarism, the ad has proven a hit. It reminds me of Watership Down. And I like that.

Not as good as some of the others, but lovely nonetheless.


Bonus – John Lewis 2011 Christmas TV Ad

And since I’ve mentioned it, here’s that John Lewis Christmas 2011 ad I loved so much. That child is adorable!

Also loved the song (a Slow Millie Moving cover of Please, Please Let me Get What I Want).