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The ASA Takes Action Against 1&1 Internet

I’ve made my feelings about 1&1 Internet very clear in the past. In my opinion, the company uses some misleading advertising tactics.

I complained to the ASA about 1&1’s “SEO tools” ad. I wasn’t the only one either. Another complainant approached the ASA as well. However, we were unsuccessful as the ASA eventually decided that the ad was in no way misleading (an unfortunate consequence, I feel, of people outside of SEO not really understanding it). However, the ASA has taken action against 1&1 over another ad.

The full details of the adjudication are available here.

The complaint related to a recent 1&1 TV ad in the UK that tells viewers about 700 new TLDs, stating:

“Are you looking for a great new web? or e-mail address? Then choose from over 700 new domains  Pre-order yours for free, before someone else does and link it to your website.”

The complainant, quite rightly, said the ad suggested people could pre-reserve domains now, which in reality, they cannot.

I’m glad this complaint was upheld. 1&1’s TV ads are often full of crap and the more tightly they’re vetted, the better.