Lidl Christmas TV ad Christmas 2013

I Have a Confession: I LOVE that Lidl Christmas TV Ad.

The test of a good Christmas TV ad for me is, quite simply, whether it leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. John Lewis have given me the fuzzies the past couple of years very successfully… to the point that I look their ads up on Youtube and send them around by email to all my friends with email subjects like ‘Awww!’ and ‘Yay, Christmas is on the way!’ And then in January (when my festive fuzzies have worn off and it’s like minus seven degrees and dark all the time without any Christmas lights to brighten things up) I look back on those emails and I hate myself a bit.

But hey, it’s November right now and I’m in search of festive fuzzies. They’ve been served up by Lidl this year with their 30 second ad that features a cover of One Direction’s song, Little Things. The cover is by the Majority Says.

No little boy giving gifts to his Mum. No infatuated snowman going to the ends of the Earth to find a scarf for his love. Just a very Christmassy version of the One Direction song (I hate the original, by the way) and lots of evocative images of gift wrapped Christmas food. Simple and elegant. Granted, the supermarket’s decision to sell reindeer meat has a distinctively anti-Rudolph feel about it, but I’ll let that slide.

It left me feeling festive anyway. Take a look for yourself:

This Christmas 2013 ad campaign is Lidl’s first multi-million pound UK TV ad campaign.

Who does that cover of ‘Little Things’ in the Lidl ad campaign?

The group is called the Majority Says. You can also see them perform this cover the whole way through on Youtube.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmaaaaaasssss….