manchester christmas markets 2013

A Sure Fire Way to Decide Whether or not to go to the Christmas Markets

I LOVE Christmas. And I LOVE mulled wine. And I live in the centre of Manchester…. so when the markets start I find myself spending rather a lot of time there drinking rather a lot of mulled wine and feeling…

google india reunion tv ad

Google India’s New Ad is a Masterpiece in Storytelling

Google is great at telling stories with its video format ads. Just great. And the latest advertisement by Google India is my personal favourite so far. Incredible. Just watch it! (Turn on caption to get the English subtitles). Also recommended:…

guest blogging - up your game

Guest Blogging – Up Your Game

It’s no wonder that Google added mass, low quality guest blogging to its Webmaster Tools link schemes. ‘Guest blogging’ has been abused, by some, and turned into a technique that represents low quality, high quantity and quick win link building….

Lidl Christmas TV ad Christmas 2013

I Have a Confession: I LOVE that Lidl Christmas TV Ad.

The test of a good Christmas TV ad for me is, quite simply, whether it leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. John Lewis have given me the fuzzies the past couple of years very successfully… to the point…