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I Asked 1000 Brits to Name a USA City Other Than New York…

I asked 1000 Americans to name a British City other than London last week and published the results. Paris and Wales both made it into the top 10 (huh?) and Liverpool pipped Manchester to the number 1 spot. #heartbreak.

A number of people on Reddit and Twitter commented that they were curious as to how the Brits would perform with a similar question. So, I asked 1000 Brits to name a USA city other than New York. And the results were, well, not as interesting to say the least. 

I should probably say, though, that I think this is an ‘easier’ question to be honest. With all the films based in big US cities and even named after them and with the sheer quantity to go at, we Brits did have a bit of an easier task to some degree.

The top 10 responses were:

1. Chicago – (17.1% of respondents answers ‘Chicago)

2. Boston – (13.3%)

3. Washington – (10.6%)

4. LA/Los Angeles – (8.6%)

5. San Fransisco – (4.2%)

6. Detroit – (3.8%)

7. Miami – (2.9%)

8. Dallas – (2.7%)

9. Washington DC – (2.4%)

10. Las Vegas – (2.2%)

I have a hunch that the Washington featuring 3rd is not Washington State but is actually Brits meaning Washington DC. Or am I being too kind?! Anyway, as Washington is also a state on the West Coast very much separate to DC, I have kept the two separate in the survey.

We did get US states listed as cities further down – California was just outside the top 10 in position 11.. Here’s the full breakdown:

asked 1000 brits to name a US city

Word cloud and bar chart taken straight from Google Consumer Surveys


Raw Data

Here’s the spreadsheet detailing all 1000+ responses along with age data (where Google Consumer Surveys has that data) and also by location within the UK.