the iphone 5c is NOT a budget phone

The iPhone 5C is NOT a Budget Phone

The iPhone 5C was announced by Apple this evening. That was no surprise. It turns out the images that have been floating around the web for weeks were bang on correct.

It’s colourful and it’s cute! It has an A6 chip and a 4 inch retina display screen. It’s definitely very funky.

But it ain’t budget.

Not unless Apple’s idea of budget is somewhat different to mine….

apple iphone 5c not a budget phone

Budget, my arse.

The 16GB version is £469 sim free while the 32GB phone will set you back £549.00 based on UK prices. Not exactly a ‘low end’ priced handset.

I’m not the only one who thinks so. Over on Twitter, Kirsty Park summed it up perfectly.

On the topic, I’m not exactly blown away by the 5S either. So for the moment, I think I will stick with my cute little iPhone 5.