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Katie Hopkins – You Horrible Human Being

I never catch This Morning. I’m at work when it’s on and, unless Kerry Katona is slurring her way through an interview, it’s not often controversial enough to lead to Youtube clips making their way onto my Facebook or Twitter streams. But yesterday it did. And there was no Kerry Katona to be seen, either.

“Holly Willoughby loses her cool with Katie Hopkins” was the title of the video I noticed people sharing. So I clicked it expecting to see the always-calm-and-likeable Holly Willoughby going mental or something. What I actually saw was Holly well and truly managing to keep her cool under the circumstances and the most epic display of horrendous snobbery from Katie Hopkins. See for yourself:

What. The. F**k?

I watched it twice last night. Twice. Because I really couldn’t believe that one human being could be so utterly wrong on so many levels. What Katie Hopkins is basically saying can be summarised as:

  • She uses names alone to determine what ‘class’ someone is from by associating names like Tyler and Chardonnay with working class backgrounds
  • She assumes children should all simply be from a ‘class.’
  • She assumes children from working class backgrounds will be the ones not doing their homework and will be the trouble causers, essentials.

What planet is Katie Hopkins living on!? How would she feel if her children, India and Poppy, came home from school saying,

“Cornelius and Edgar’s Mum said they can’t play with us any more because they think our Mummy is a complete and utter snob?”

Let’s not even get into the specifics of associating names with classes or even referencing the class system at all. What I find the most awful about all this is that Katie Hopkins thinks children from lower income backgrounds are not good enough for her children to be friends with.

Your background is something you are born into. It’s a part of who you are. For Katie Hopkins to judge  CHILD based on nothing other than this is no better than racism or homophobia.

What a horrible, horrible human being.