Getting Married is Making my Brain Ache

Getting Married is Making my Brain Ache

I’m engaged. That’s not brand new information. I’ve been that way for 6 or 7 months now, but I’ve only just realised how much I am going to have to do before I buy all my friends and family dinner get married in 12, 11, 10…shit, 9 months time.

Micky and I have been together just over 9 years. So the whole ‘commitment’ thing isn’t a cause for concern or brain aches. It’s the sheer scale of organisation required, particularly considering that organising anything is seldom my strength.

My initial to-do list (the one I jotted down in around 53 seconds back in January) looked a bit like this:

wedding list post it note

Then came the questions from family and friends:

  • What entertainment are you having?
  • Have you thought about the cake yet?
  • Don’t forget to send Save the Date Cards
  • It’s the table plan that will take you the longest!
  • Are you having matching invitations and name tags for your tables?
  • What theme are you having?
  • Who’s dressing the venue for you?
  • What colour of bridesmaids dresses are you having?
  • Come to think of it, how many bridesmaids are you having?
  • Who are you inviting?
  • And who will be there during the day and who in the evening?
  • Make sure you remind people to book their rooms
  • Where are you going on your honeymoon?
  • Have you sorted a registrar yet?
  • Don’t forget to give notice of intent to marriage at the Town Hall
  • What will your meal be?
  • Oooh, champagne for the reception?
  • Who’s doing your table flowers?
  • And your button holes?

And so on…

Now, my to do list looks more like this:

massive list


But it’s ok. I still have 18 months. I mean 12 months. I mean 10 months. Well, 9 now. But I’ve got aaaages yet. And I’m really a very good procrastinator. 😉

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1 – Craig Sharp

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