Challenge Your Broadband Campaign

Challenge Your Broadband…

Virgin Media has become the latest brand to use its TV ads to push potential customers to the search engines. The broadband giant is, like others have done in the past, actually telling viewers to find them using non-brand searches.

Its campaign, ‘Challenge Your Broadband,’ encourages users to type that very phrase in Google (or other search engines, of course ;-)) to find the campaign’s landing page.

Here’s the ad:

Challenge Your Broadband

When you do make the search, you’ll find this:

challenge your broadband SERP

Uswitch and Broadband Choices capitalising on the search term with their PPC campaigns

As you’d expect, Virgin’s dedicated page ranks up there first organically and it’s a nifty landing page.

Challenge your broadband landing page

The site will then ask you to provide some information about your current broadband, whether it’s fibre optic or not, who your provider is etc. It then asks how many people use it, the different types and quantities of devices it’s being used with and finally the type of activity you carry out online (undoubtedly knowing full well that most people who even bother to visit the site probably have multiple users, multiple devices and large data consumption requirements).

challenge your broadband usage specification

Surely Virgin Media knows that if you’ve made it this far and even bothered to ‘Challenge Your Broadband’ that you’re quite an intensive user

And, unsurprisingly, the end result is that you need Virgin Media’s broadband.

Challenge your broadband results


Quirky graphics, a famous name and prompts to share your experience on social media platforms the whole way through, the ‘Challenge Your Broadband’ experience makes for a memorable and potentially viral campaign. Even if it is a wee bit predictable…

Hmm… 60Mb they say? Wonder if I can get fibre optic in Manchester City Centre yet…