I LOVE Paddy Power's Social Media Activity....But I Bet with William Hill

I LOVE Paddy Power’s Social Media Activity….But I Bet with William Hill

love social media. I also love a little flutter on the football on a weekend. I’m a self-confessed fan of Paddy Power’s social media activity in particular. The Facebook page is always witty, always timely, always attracting huge volumes of engagement and, despite my digital-marketer-tainted cynical attitude towards brands touting engagement on social platforms, I share a lot of what Paddy Power posts.

paddy power social media

I find this stuff funny. And I’m not the only one.

And then, when I’ve finishing chuckling at Paddy Power’s updates and sharing them with my friends, I go off and I spend my weekly betting budget on William Hill (and, yes… I am fully aware that it’s a mug’s game ;-)).

Of course, my own personal experience is insignificant in the grand scheme of things and is no basis at all to make a wholesale assessment of the value (or lack) of social engagement to Paddy Power or William Hill. But just a few thoughts anyway…

Why William Hill?

I don’t follow William Hill on social media. I did have a quick glance at their Facebook page and found it dull and boring. But I’ll still bet with them. Why?

Because I am lazy. I was already registered with William Hill and I frankly can’t be bothered to register another account with Paddy Power. I bet on the move, generally, and the idea of touch screen typing to register a new account is not appealing.

I’ve already got a card registered with William Hill. I’m already their customer and, despite the fact that their Facebook activity is about as funny and entertaining as a dental abscess, they haven’t pissed me off or given me a reason to go elsewhere. I’m satisfied as a customer. I don’t need them to be absolutely hilarious on social media for me to spend my money with them. I just need an easy to use website, decent odds on the football and for them to pay out quickly on the odd occasion that I win.

In short, I’ve been married to William for years. He’s reliable, he’s not bad looking and I kinda like him. I’m not going to divorce him just cos Paddy’s funny.

Am I of any Value to Paddy Power?

I don’t (and probably won’t) bet on Paddy Power. Like I said, I’m lazy and quite content with William Hill. But does that make me a worthless social media follower for them?

Probably not. Granted, I won’t have any direct effect on the money going through their website. However, I share their material. I sometimes link to them when I’m writing about their social activity or some of the insane media stunts they’ve done (loved that Olympics poster). That is all making a small contribution towards this:

Online Betting SERPs

Something that definitely has measurable value.

So I might not be a customer. But I (like hundreds of thousands of others who engage with their content, link to their site and discuss them online like I’m doing right now) am indirectly of some value to the company.

Anyway, you’ll have to excuse me. As the English football season has now finished, I’m off to do some Britain’s Got Talent betting. (Yes, I am that sad).