Setting Up a Local PPC Campaign - The Basics

Setting Up a Local PPC Campaign – The Basics

The following is a guest post by Andy Morley, who introduces beginners to the basics of setting up a locally targeted PPC campaign.

There’s a growing knowledge amongst smaller businesses about online marketing channels in general this includes PPC advertising. The misconceptions about this type of advertising being limited to multi nationals and big businesses with massive marketing budgets are falling away are more and more small, local companies begin to take advantage. Google offers location based or GEO targeting in its AdWords PPC advertising system, which helps new advertisers reach their target audience.

GEO targeted pay per click campaigns offer powerful benefits to local businesses who have a local “catchment” area where they intend to find new customers.

How Does A GEO Targeted PPC Campaign Work?

As with traditional PPC, potential advertisers compete with each other for ad position (in the search results)  depending on how much they are willing to bid for each individual keyword. As the price is determined by the number of other advertisers using each terms generic keywords tend to be very expensive. If these keywords were being used to display adverts the full length of the country the cost of the PPC campaign can be far outside of the local business’s budget. They would be also attracting clicks from users outside of their “catchment” area who are very unlikely to convert into a customer.

The idea of a GEO targeted campaign is to find customers who are looking for your services or products in your local area, but how?


Using AdWords GEO targeting to display Ads to the right people

As with any form of advertising, getting your products and services placed in front of the right people is extremely important, both for ROI and for sales conversions.


Setting The Campaign Up

The Adwords system has various settings which need to be put in place to work for a GEO targeted campaign.

The first is the “Locations And Languages Settings” when setting up a new PPC account, always make sure  the campaign is set up to your own country.

Once your account is setup, you should proceed to set up a new campaign. Within the individual campaign settings you will see this:

how to setup a local ppc campaign

If you select “Let me choose” and begin typing your city or town name into the text box you will see the following appear:

geo targeted ppc campaign

This window will let you target the cities and locations relevant to your campaign, as you can see there is also a “reach” estimate of the population of each location.

Clicking the “Advanced Search” will open up another window which gives more control over the locations in which your adverts will be displayed:

locations PPC settings

You will now be presented with this window with the following options:

  • Search (pretty much the same as the step before.)

  • Radius

  • Location Extension Targeting

  • Bulk Locations

ppc location radius

Radius Targeting is another useful method of displaying your adverts to the correct people, You are able to tell the AdWords system to display adverts on a certain number of miles radius, this radius is worked out from the centre of the town you specify. The below example shows 20miles radius of Nottingham, UK. Giving a handy map and displaying the exact area covered.

location extensions ppc

Location Extension Targeting – This relies on the AdWords Location AdExtension being implemented in your campaign. This extension lets you add your postal address to your adverts in addition to the usual Headline, two lines of add text and a display URL.

For more about the Location Extension please click here.

The final option is bulk locations, this feature enables you to enter a list of locations, handy if you are targeting various areas near your central location.

bulk locations adwords

Improved ROI & Conversion

For small businesses servicing local customers GEO Targeted PPC campaigns often result in higher ROI and conversion rates than national campaigns. This is because they are serving adverts to the correct people, anybody searching for the business, their products and / or services within the targeted area will see the PPC advert displayed.

ROI and conversion rates a generally better because the traffic hitting the website via PPC is highly relevant, meaning the searcher has found exactly what they are looking for.

 Author Bio

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