barcelona's away kit according to twitter

Things that Barcelona’s Away Kit is (According to Twitter)

Someone on Twitter is always thinking something you’re thinking. And someone has always managed to articulate something you’re thinking in a far wittier and cleverer way than you have.

So when I turned the telly on to watch Paris Saint Germain take on Barcelona and was blinded by the Barça away kit’s bright colours, the logical thing to do was tweet about it.


I wasn’t even the only person in my household Tweeting about it. My other half (unknown to me as I was Tweeting) had also done so seconds before.

Of course, I followed my Tweet up with a search to find out what everyone else on Twitter had to say. Seems ours were 2 of many thoughts! So, here it is – Barcelona’s away kit according to Twitter.

Barcelona’s Away Kit is a Rocket Lolly!



Judging by the tweets, retweets and favourites, it would be fair to agree this is a popular opinion. Or maybe people just like rocket lollies.

Barcelona’s Away Kit is a Fruity Drink, Worse than Hitler and Justification for a Shooting

Seems Micky’s opinion was also a popular one.




So, Barça, not a popular choice, it seems. Tequila sunrise, anyone?