meteor shower Chelyabinsk

Meteorite Replacement Windows, Anyone?

I was absolutely astounded to see the images this morning of the chaos caused by a meteor shower in Chelyabinsk, Russia. For anyone who has miraculously managed to miss that, here’s some video coverage.

Reports so far indicate that 700 people have been injured, a number that’s been rising since the incident this morning. But remove from your mind any images of a meteorite crashing directly into people… the injuries were caused largely by flying glass. As the blazing debris fast approached Earth, a shockwave caused thousands of windows to smash.

Fairly inconvenient, when you think about it, as it’s probably just about when a blazing meteor heads towards the city that you’re most likely to be close to your window!

Honestly, though, it’s terribly sad to hear of any injuries to anyone. But there’s no denying how incredibly fascinating it is to see something like that actually happen. A little bit movie-like!

A good time to be a window glazier in Chelyabinsk…

Of course, it’s not bad news for everyone in the Russian region that was impacted! I’m pretty sure the glaziers are rubbing their hands together. They’ll certainly be busy for a while, I think.

Replacement windows in Russia, anyone?