[Infographic] Apple's Cash Flow Tactics

[Infographic] Apple’s Cash Flow Tactics

In addition to staying on top of consumer trends in electronics, Apple manages to keep both its lobbying costs and R&D expenses relatively low. Apple has become one of the highest-grossing companies in the world, but what does the tech mogul do with its cash flow? The company isn’t exactly transparent when it comes to spending habits, but by taking a look at what we know, we can pick up clues as to how the corporation became such a success story.

Apple continues to break its own sales records; in 2012, the company netted $156.508 billion, up from last year’s $108.249 billion. The company established a growth of 58 percent in only one fiscal year, and during that year the company netted an income of $55.763 billion before taxes.

Higher earnings means that Apple can spend more money on development, a department the company obviously values greatly. In 2011, the company spent $7.599 billion on research and development, up from $1.782 billion in 2010.

infographic apple's cash flow tactics

Source: A Bite Out of Apple